Provence rugs are cotton reversible rugs featuring a whopping 300 GPSF. This heavyweight rug is remarkably soft and is as at home in country mansions as it is in high-rise condos. The colors include brilliant white, coral sands, primrose pink, steel grey, and zen blue.

Provence Rugs - Cream, 20x32PROV2032-CR086553-14972-46
Provence Rugs - Green, 20x32PROV2032-GR086553-14973-16
Provence Rugs - Blue, 20x32PROV2032-BL086553-14974-86
Provence Rugs - Rose, 20x32PROV2032-RO086553-14975-56
Provence Rugs - Assorted, 20x32PROV2032-ASST086553-14977-96, 1 of each color
Provence Rugs - Green, 24x40PROV2440-GR086553-14983-06
Provence Rugs - Blue, 24x40PROV2440-BL086553-14984-76
Provence Rugs - Rose, 24x40PROV2440-RO086553-14985-46
Provence Rugs - Grey, 24x40PROV2440-GY086553-14986-16
Provence Rugs - Assorted, 24x40PROV2440-ASST086553-14987-86, 1 of each color
Provence Rugs - Cream, 20x60PROV2060-CR086553-14992-26
Provence Rugs - Green, 20x60PROV2060-GR086553-14993-96
Provence Rugs - Blue, 20x60PROV2060-BL086553-14994-66
Provence Rugs - Rose, 20x60PROV2060-RO086553-14995-36