This charming collection of bath rugs was inspired by our popular Coastal Towel Collection. Coastal Rugs designed with iconic beach motifs come in four trendy vibrant pastels. Pool blue, seafoam green, seashell peach, and stone gray. Each rug has a strong fabric hem and a non-slip rubber coated backing. Two-piece bath rug sets (sizes: 17”x24”, 21”x34”) are attractively packaged on a hangar with a beach-themed insert. Single rugs in sizes 21”x34” and 24”x 40” are perfect for larger bathrooms in the beach rental, AirBNB, or a sunny spot in any vacation home.

Coastal Rug Collection - Assorted, 21x34COASTAL-21X34-ASST086553-14569-612 (3 of each color)
Coastal Rug Collection - Blue, 24x40COASTAL-24X40-BL086553-14842-08
Coastal Rug Collection - Coral, 24x40COASTAL-24X40-CO086553-14843-78
Coastal Rug Collection - Green, 24x40COASTAL-24X40-GY086553-14841-38
Coastal Rug Collection - Grey, 24x40COASTAL-24X40-GR086553-14844-48
Coastal Rug Collection - Assorted, 24x40COASTAL-24X40-ASST086553-14845-18 (2 of each color)
Coastal Rug Collection - Blue, 17x24/21x34COASTAL-2PC-BL086553-14852-912
Coastal Rug Collection - Coral, 17x24/21x34COASTAL-2PC-CO086553-14853-612
Coastal Rug Collection - Green, 17x24/21x34COASTAL-2PC-GR086553-14854-312
Coastal Rug Collection - Grey, 17x24/21x34COASTAL-2PC-GY086553-14851-212
Coastal Rug Collection - Assorted, 17x24/21x34COAST-2PC-ASST086553-14855-012 (3 of each color)