Fiesta bath rugs feature a unique stripe design with vibrant color fronds alternating with white ‘puffball’ loops that feel pleasing underfoot. Fiesta bath rugs add a terrific pop of color to any retail display, especially when combined with Calluna and Penelope rug collections.

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This SKU's packaging follows e-commerce compliance guidelines. Polybags with openings larger than five inches contain suffocation warnings in an easy-to-find location. Bags are transparent and include an easily-accessible barcode. The package is sealed and compact. The outer carton contains a single SKU or controlled assortment.
Fiesta Microfiber Rug - BlushFIESTA-2134-BH086553-11147-912
Fiesta Microfiber Rug - LavenderFIESTA-2134-LV086553-11149-312
Fiesta Microfiber Rug - GreyFIESTA-2134-GR086553-11148-612
Fiesta Microfiber Rug - BlueFIESTA-2134-BL086553-11146-212
Fiesta Microfiber Rug - AssortedFIESTA-ASST086553-11150-912, 3 of each color