Shop towels are presented with a fun label for a retail environment. Whether your customers are serious about cars or need a dependable woven product to clean up occasional messes, The Messy Mechanic has you covered.

eCommerce Ready
E-Commerce Ready!
This SKU's packaging follows e-commerce compliance guidelines. Polybags with openings larger than five inches contain suffocation warnings in an easy-to-find location. Bags are transparent and include an easily-accessible barcode. The package is sealed and compact. The outer carton contains a single SKU or controlled assortment.
The Messy Mechanic - 10, WhiteAT-WST10-BAND764950-00443-230
The Messy Mechanic - 50, WhiteAT-WST50-BG765950-00442-56
The Messy Mechanic - 100, WhiteAT-WST100-BG765950-00444-96
The Messy Mechanic - 10, RedAT-STB10-BAND764950-00446.330
The Messy Mechanic - 50, RedAT-STB50-BG764950-00083-06
The Messy Mechanic - 100, RedAT-STB100-BG764950-00445-66