CaliCabana is a junior-sized cabana towel based on our popular California Cabana full-sized cabana towel. The towels are 30” x 60”, 10.75lbs, and uses the same 20D ringspun premium yarn as to its bigger cousin, the California Cabana. Sold as a retail and institutional towel, the towel is a popular e-commerce towel.

eCommerce Ready
E-Commerce Ready!
This SKU's packaging follows e-commerce compliance guidelines. Polybags with openings larger than five inches contain suffocation warnings in an easy-to-find location. Bags are transparent and include an easily-accessible barcode. The package is sealed and compact. The outer carton contains a single SKU or controlled assortment.
Cali Cabana Towels - BeigeCALICABANA-BGE-EA764950-20272-210 sets(40 each)
Cali Cabana Towels - PinkCALICABANA-PINK-EA764950-20273-910 sets(40 each)
Cali Cabana Towels - BlueCALICABANA-BLU764950-30231-610 sets (40 each)
Cali Cabana Towels - GreenCALICABANA-GRN764950-30233-010 sets (40 each)
Cali Cabana Towels - GreyCALICABANA-GRY764950-30230-910 sets (40 each)
Cali Cabana Towels - OrangeCALICABANA-ORG764950-30232-310 sets (40 each)