Fiber-reactive beach towels feature bright beach & vacation patterns and are generated from department-store drops, mill overruns, and slight IRs. Each case comes with 6-8 towel patterns. Beach towels are classified by weight and size (with A being the smallest). Each assortment is different. The towels shown here are only a representation of the assortment you will receive.

Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Print-A, 30x60/32x64, 9-10lbs.BEACH-PRINT-A086553-11405-036pk, 5-8 ASST
Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Print-B, 34x64, 11-14 lbs/dzBEACH-PRINT-B765950-12431-124pk, 5-8 ASST
Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Print-C, 35x72/40x70, 18-20 lbsBEACH-PRINT-C765950-12432-824pk, 5-8 ASST