Our fiber reactive beach towel assortments are available in three cool collections. The Aruba Beach Collection of smart seaside styles is available in two sizes, 28”x58” and 30”x60” at 8.95lbs per dozen. The beachy Bonaire Collection is larger, heavier towel, also available in two sizes: 30”x60” and 34”x64” at 13lbs per dozen. And our cool Curacao Collection is the largest, at an oversized 36”x72”, and 19lbs per dozen. All styles are bright and colorful and embody the funky summertime fun attitude your customers love!

Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - 30x60/34x64BEACH-PRINT-A086553-11405-036, 5-8 colors
Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Aruba, 28x58/30x60BEACH-ARUBA086553-15184-036
Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Bonaire, 30x60/34x64BEACH-BONAIRE086653-15185-736
Fiber Reactive Beach Towels - Curacao, 36x72BEACH-CURACAO086553-15186-424