The Cabo Cabana Beach Towel is brand new to our expanding collection of cabana towels. We pay homage to the vibrant beach oasis, Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula in this oversized 30”x70” cabana towel with an alternating color stripe design made with 20D ring spun cotton terry. Choose from seven color combinations: Royal blue/cafe Ole, cornflower blue/grey, crabapple/pool blue, grey/mint, tropical breeze/skydive blue, raspberry/mango, and charcoal/silver.


Cabo Cabana Towels - Charcoal/SilverCABOCABANA-BK/GY764950-20991-224
Cabo Cabana Towels - Grey/MintCABOCABANA-GY/GR764950-20992-924
Cabo Cabana Towels - Royal Blue /Cafe OleCABOCABANA-NV/BG764950-20993-624
Cabo Cabana Towels - Tropical Breeze/Skydive BlueCABO-CABANA-NV/BL-EA764950-20990-524
Cabo Cabana Towels - Crabapple/Pool BlueCABOCABANA-OR/BL764950-21020-824
Cabo Cabana Towels - Raspberry/MangoCABOCABANA-RD/YL764950-20988-224
Cabo Cabana Towels - Grey/Cornflower BlueCABOCABANA-GY/NV764950-20989-924