Bold and beautiful fiber-reactive 100% cotton beach towels. We have developed two distinct lines of beach towels available to be purchased by the pattern. The nautical collection is features classic colors (navy, red, and white) and iconic nautical themes such as anchors, compasses, and yachts. The beach theme is playful, bright, and optimistic. Sunglasses, flipflops, turtles, and sharks are just a few of the many fun patterns.

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This SKU's packaging follows e-commerce compliance guidelines. Polybags with openings larger than five inches contain suffocation warnings in an easy-to-find location. Bags are transparent and include an easily-accessible barcode. The package is sealed and compact. The outer carton contains a single SKU or controlled assortment.
Printed Beach Towels - Beach Balls, 30x60BEACH-BALLS764950-83250-924
Printed Beach Towels - Flowers, 30x60BEACH-FLOWERS764950-83632-324
Printed Beach Towels - Neon Sharks, 30x60BEACH-SHARK764950-83259-224