Calluna rugs are named for the Latin genus of heather do to its heathered look and feel. The backing is spray latex with 190 GPSF. These beautiful simple rug colors include arctic ice, charcoal gray, crystal pink, and pastel yellow.

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Calluna Rugs - Artic Ice, 21x34CAL-21X34-AI086553-11300-812
Calluna Rugs - Charcoal Grey, 21x34CAL-21X34-CG086553-11301-512
Calluna Rugs - Crystal Pink, 21x34CAL-21X34-CP086553-11302-212
Calluna Rugs - Grape, 21x34CAL-21X34-GP086553-11299-512
Calluna Rugs - Pastel Yellow, 21x34CAL-21X34-PY086553-11303-912
Calluna Rugs - Semonlina, 21x34CAL-21X34-SM086553-11298-812
Calluna Rugs - Assorted, 21x34CALLUNA-21X34-ASST086553-11304-612