Our Jasmine bath rug sets are made from 100% reprocessed cotton and feature a bold diagonal pattern in a soft cut pile and a fabric back. These attractive rugs are machine washable for easy care. The Jasmine Bath Rug set includes two rectangular rugs in sizes 18” x 29” and 17” x 23” while the Jasmine Contour/Bath Rug set includes one 18” x 29” rectangular rug and one matching 18” x 18” contour rug. Six popular décor colors make it easy for customers to mix and match styles. Choose from beige, grey, green, teal, rose, and blue in these controlled assortments. Both set styles are finished on a sturdy hanger with an eye-catching header card. Both sets are retail-ready!

Jasmine Rugs - 17x23/18x29RA-JAS-SET-97086553-10159-312, 2 of each color
Jasmine Rugs - 18x18c/18x29RA-JAS-SET-98086553-10160-912, 2 of each color