The Orchard Collection of Accent Rugs inspired by old world hand-crafted decorative art motifs are a produced with new world digital printing techniques, ensuring a long-lasting, durable textile. These accent rugs, constructed with 80% polyester, 15% jute, and 5% cotton, come in four popular accent rug sizes. Size 21×34 inch rugs have a slip-resistant rubber backing while sizes 24×36”, 27×45”, and 60×84” have a carpet back. Accent rugs from The Orchard Collection compliment traditional décor styles beautifully.

Orchard Rugs - 24x36, AssortedORCHARD-24X36086553-14956-46
Orchard Rugs - 21x34, AssortedORCHARD-21X34086553-14955-78
Orchard Rugs - 27x45, AssortedORCHARD-27X45086553-14957-16
Orchard Rugs - 60x84, AssortedORCHARD-60X84086553-14958-83