Penelope rugs are special. The construction blends new with traditional techniques with a micro-poly border with cotton crochet center and spray latex back, 190 GPSF. The colors include arctic ice, charcoal gray, crystal pink, pastel yellow, and white. Of note, Penelope rugs are named after the earliest example of a printed crochet lace pattern in the Dutch ladies’ magazine Penelope.

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Penelope Rugs - Artic Ice, 21x34PEN-21X34-AI086553-11292-610
Penelope Rugs - Crystal Pink, 21x34PEN-21X34-CP086553-11294-010
Penelope Rugs - Pastel Yellow, 21x34PEN-21X34-PY086553-11295-710
Penelope Rugs - White, 21x34PEN-21X34-WHT086553-11296-410