Uber-plush Bella rugs feature fat chenille noodles and a hot melt backing. Bella rugs are heavier than Capri and sold as a single rug. In fact, a single Bella rug is almost as heavy as the Capri set. A beautifully soft addition to your rug collection. Classic best-selling colors include greys, neutrals, and pastel pink and blue.

Bella Rugs - Aqua, 21x34BELLA-21X34-AQ086553-14796-66
Bella Rugs - Blue, 21x34BELLA-21X34-BL086553-14794-26
Bella Rugs - Cream, 21x34BELLA-21X34-CR086553-14791-16
Bella Rugs - Grey, 21x34BELLA-21X34-GR086553-14792-86
Bella Rugs - Rose, 21x34BELLA-21X34-RO086553-14795-96
Bella Rugs - White, 21x34BELLA-21X34-WH086553-14793-56
Bella Rugs - Assorted, 21x34BEL-21X34-ASST086553-14797-36 (1 of each color)
Bella Rugs - Aqua, 24x40BELLA-24X40-AQ086553-14806-26
Bella Rugs - Blue, 24x40BELLA-24X40-BL086553-14804-86
Bella Rugs - Cream, 24x40BELLA-24X40-CR086553-14801-76
Bella Rugs - Grey, 24x40BELLA-24X40-GR086553-14802-46
Bella Rugs - Rose, 24x40BELLA-24X40-RO086553-14805-56
Bella Rugs - White, 24x40BELLA-24X40-WH086553-14803-16
Bella Rugs - Assorted, 24x40BEL-24X40-ASST086553-14807-96 (1 of each color)