Mix Up Grays to Create Dimension in Any Space

Interior designers call gray the “new beige,” meaning that it is an attractive neutral color that pairs well with other colors in your home décor.

As a halfway point between white and black, the color gray has a way of appearing fresh, modern, and familiar at the same time. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2021 is “Ultimate Gray” for 2021. According to the Pantone Color Institute website, Ultimate Gray is “practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic…Ultimate Gray quietly assures, encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness, and resilience.”

Not all grays are the same. For instance, some grays are more on the white end of the spectrum, and others are more on the black end. Cool grays have blue undertones, while warm grays can have a touch of yellow or brown.

In the following four sections, we will explore ways to introduce this versatile color into your home with Arkwright Home products.


Create a Serene Bathroom with a Monochromatic Palette

For most of us, our home bathroom is where we go to relax and unwind after a long day. Did you know that a monochromatic color palette that features different shades of gray can promote tranquility and serenity?

You can create a calming and soothing color scheme by incorporating some of these choices of textiles into your bathroom décor.

Campbell Ramsey Washcloths. By choosing the gray-themed Campbell Ramsey six-pack of washcloths, you add soft gray tones to your towel rack. These 100% cotton cloths have a plush “popcorn” material that feels soft and luxurious.

Coastal Towel Sets. Solid grays and gray stripes make our Coastal Towel sets soothing. Each three-piece set features a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth made from 100% cotton. The set comes packaged with a ribbon, making them perfect for gift giving.

Chelsea Towel Sets. You’ll love the deep gray of our Chelsea towels. Each set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths of the same color. They are made of 100% soft ring-spun cotton for softness and durability.

Chelsea Hand Towels. Our Chelsea towel assortment also comes in gray. These 100% soft ring-spun cotton are wrapped with a cotton ribbon and display card.

Fast Dry Towel Sets. Our customers appreciate these 100% soft ring-spun zero-twist cotton towels. You can choose a light gray (silver) set containing two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths of the same color.

Metro Soft Towel Sets. We offer light gray and dark gray stripes for pops of color on our cozy white Metro Soft® towels.


An Earthy Gray Palette Creates a Sophisticated Poolside Space

After all the challenges of the pandemic, we seek a home environment that offers us a peaceful and safe retreat from the outside world. One way to achieve this feeling is with the use of color.

IN addition to working well inside our homes, soft, neutral gray tones work well in creating a relaxed and modern outdoor space. Mixing warm and cool grays provide a sense of balance in your outdoor living space. As a neutral color, gray also stands the test of time.

Here are some ways to add gray tones to your outdoor décor.

California Cabana Towels. Our best-selling cabana towels come in a classic gray stripe that will add a Zen feeling to your outside space. You can choose between our large 30”x70” California Cabana towels and our smaller 30”x60” Cali Cabana Towels. Both are made of 20 Double ring-spun 100% cotton that is yarn-dyed to minimize fading.

Sand-free Turkish Towels. The cool color palette offering of these Turkish towels offers a calming range of grays and blues. Made of lightweight 100% cotton, these towels provide the big bonus of being able to shake off sand in a hurry.

Las Rayas Resort Towels. You can’t beat gray stripes on a white background for a classy and elegant touch to your poolside or pool changing area. These absorbent beauties are made of a 100% soft ring-spun terry pile.

Aston & Arden Resort Towels. Bold gray and navy stripes add a sophisticated touch to your pool or spa area on these luxurious towels. Made of 30 Double 100% ring spun cotton, these towels excel in softness and absorbency,

Makeup Removal Towels.   Although we originally intended them as a way to extend the life of our customers’ white towels, these dark gray terry towels also can make a bold fashion statement. Pool guests will appreciate them as much as their hosts.


Mixing Gray Tones for a Refined Chef’s Kitchen 

The color gray is no stranger to a chef’s kitchen. After all, stainless steel sinks, appliances, and knives are gray.

When you blend in other shades of gray, you can create unity, harmony, and warmth in this room, which is perhaps the most important space in any home.

Here are some great ways to add the refinement of the color gray to your kitchen with Arkwright Home textiles.

Sloppy Chef Utility Cloths. You can integrate gray in your kitchen with our steel gray Sloppy Chef Utility Cloths. These 6” x 19” towels are made of 100% soft cotton and ribbed to provide greater absorbency.

Herringbone Kitchen Towels. The gray stripe adds a quiet sophistication to our 15” x 25” premium cotton herringbone towels. Absorbent and quick-drying, these towels are stylish enough to serve as rustic bistro napkins.

Antimicrobial Kitchen Towels. Choose the gray windowpane design for a vibrant kitchen towel that offers more than just good looks. Our Sloppy Chef Antimicrobial Treated Kitchen Towels use SILVADUR™ to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes from the cloth surface. Made of 100% ring spun cotton, these towels are soft, safe, and durable.

Premier Kitchen Towels. You can add another layer of gray to your chef’s kitchen color palette with these soft ring-spun cotton kitchen towels. Each six-pack contains three white terry towels with color accents and three solid color towels.


Bedroom Textiles in Shades of Gray

We can’t forget the room where you spend most of your time – the bedroom. Even if you just use your bedroom for sleeping, that’s roughly eight hours in there a day.

Gray is a versatile color for a bedroom palette, and it can evoke different moods based on the shades you choose and how you combine them. Soft grays suggest calm and tranquility, while bolder hues of gray create a sense of stability. Best of all, gray offers a neutral background for any pops of color you choose to add to your bedroom.

Arkwright Home offers an extensive collection of gray textiles for the bedroom. Here are some of our favorites:


First Ave 300 Sheet Sets. First Ave 300 Thread Count sheets are made of 100% cotton and come in all standard sizes. Check out our gray sets for a good night’s rest.

Blankets and Throws

Family Essentials Coral Fleece Blankets. We offer a soft gray as one of the color options for our Family Essentials coral fleece blankets. These 100% polyester blankets include all standard sizes.

Polar Fleece Throws. These affordable, versatile polar fleece throws add a casual touch of sophistication in gray.

Coral Fleece Throws. Perfect on a chair or couch as they are on the bed, these our popular 50”x60” Coral Fleece throws are made of 100% polyester

Pineapple Trading Throws. There’s a unique pineapple-shaped pattern running through our Pineapple Trading Company throws. A gray textured throw like this one will add just the right touch to the bedroom.

Campbell Ramsey Throws. Soft, plush, and luxurious – especially in gray – these throws just beg to be touched.

Mink Sherpa Throws. Our customers love the cozy Sherpa backing on these luxurious throws. And you guessed it — they come in gray!

Common Ground Throws. If you’re looking for a rustic, natural design, here’s the throw for you. Our Common Ground throws feature reclaimed cotton yarn woven into geometric designs.


Artistry Rugs. Our Artistry Geo rugs boast a sculpted geometric design. There are several gray and silver shades from which to choose.

Essex Rugs. Check out the bold gray and black Paradise design of our Essex Rugs. It’s sure to add elegance to the foot of your bed or anywhere to choose to place it in your bedroom.

Although you may have previously associated gray with cloudy days, we hope we have helped you see that the color can add warmth and elegance to your surroundings. Be sure to experiment with different shades of gray, like ones referred to as slate, stone, or nickel, for example. And keep in mind that most colors blend very well with gray when you are in the mood for a splash of color!


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