Our eclectic Essex Collection of woven polypropylene area rugs has something for everyone. From modern graphics to animal prints to bold and traditional florals. These rugs were created in a popular home décor color palette that works well with many design tastes.

Essex Rugs - Shafira, IvoryESX6084-10003IV086553-14542-93
Essex Rugs - Shafira, RedESX6084-10008RD086553-14545-03
Essex Rugs - Paradise, BrownESX6084-11550BR086553-14548-13
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Grey/BlackESX6084-11736GB086553-14551-13
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Black/BrownESX6084-11707BB086553-14554-23
Essex Rugs - Safari, IvoryESX6084-12047IV086553-14557-33
Essex Rugs - Shafira, IvoryESX2745-10003IV086553-14540-56
Essex Rugs - Shafira, RedESX2745-10008RD086553-14543-66
Essex Rugs - Shafira, IvoryESX2484-10003IV086553-14541-24
Essex Rugs - Shafira, RedESX2484-10008RD086553-14544-34
Essex Rugs - Paradise, BrownESX2745-11550BR086553-14546-76
Essex Rugs - Paradise, BrownESX2484-11550BR086553-14547-44
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Grey/BlackESX2745-11736GB086553-14549-86
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Grey/BlackESX2484-11736GB086553-14550-44
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Black/BrownESX2745-11707BB086553-14552-86
Essex Rugs - Paradise, Black/BrownESX2484-11707BB086553-14553-54
Essex Rugs - Safari, IvoryESX2745-12047IV086553-14555-96
Essex Rugs - Safari, IvoryESX2484-12047IV086553-14556-64