Chelsea towels are made with 100% soft ring spun cotton. Each set contains a controlled assortment of two bath, two hand, and two wash of the same colors, which include blue, laurel, grey, lilac, rose, and tan. These towels are also available open stock featuring 36 towels, six of each color.

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This SKU's packaging follows e-commerce compliance guidelines. Polybags with openings larger than five inches contain suffocation warnings in an easy-to-find location. Bags are transparent and include an easily-accessible barcode. The package is sealed and compact. The outer carton contains a single SKU or controlled assortment.
Chelsea Towel Sets - AssortedBSET-CHELSEA-ASST12 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - BlueBSET CHELSEA BL764950-30176-012 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - GreyBSET CHELSEA GY764950-30173-912 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - LaurelBSET CHELSEA LR764950-30175-312 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - LilacBSET CHELSEA LI764950-30177-712 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - RoseBSET CHELSEA RS764950-30172-212 sets
Chelsea Towel Sets - TanBSET CHELSEA TN764950-30174-612 sets