5 Must Haves for Powder Rooms in 2021

Whether you call it a powder room or a half-bathroom, this small space is integral to many homes.

Usually defined as a room that includes only a sink, a mirror, and a toilet, a powder room offers a way for your guests to freshen up without visiting the private spaces of your house.

The term “powder room: was coined in the 18th Century when it referred to tiny closet-like spaces where people went to re-powder their wigs. During the Victorian period, the term expanded to mean small bathrooms. Since it was considered impolite to discuss bodily functions, asking to be excused to “powder my nose” became an acceptable way for ladies to excuse themselves from a social gathering.

In today’s homes, most powder rooms are located on the main floor near the entranceway. Some are found tucked under staircases. In addition to being convenient for guests, powder rooms give busy families access to a bathroom without having to go upstairs or to another part of the house.

Since they are small spaces, it’s easy to refresh your powder room with minimal expense and effort. You can add seasonal themes or pops of color with new textiles and accessories. Here are some must-haves for powder rooms this year.

  1. Colorful rug. A new colorful rug can brighten up a dull powder room in an instant. Our Penelope Rugs are a perfect choice. With a soft color palette — including artic ice, charcoal gray, crystal pink, pastel yellow, and white – these rugs offer a soft cushiony surface and a spray latex back to eliminate slipping.Penelope Rugs are constructed with a micro-poly border and a cotton crochet center for long-lasting color and durability.
  1. Washcloths. Spoil your guests with these super-soft make-up removal washcloths. They – and you – will love the trendy colors and makeup embroidery. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they are gentle on sensitive skin.Sold in six-packs that can be split into two three-packs, these cloths are perfect for housewarming or bachelorette party gifts. Colors including black, baby pink, and soft gray.
  1. Microfiber rug. When a bold look is what you want, look no further than our Fun Fiesta Microfiber Rugs for your powder room.These bathroom rugs feature a stripe design with vibrant color fronds and alternating white “puffball” loops. We recommend mixing and matching these rugs with colorful towels and washcloths for a lively and playful look.
  1. Decorative make-up removal cloths. Our decorative make-up removal cloths add fashion and flair to your powder room in one easy step. The cloths come five to a gift box and feature trendy patterns like playful skulls, multi-colored feathers, and pretty paisley.Each solid-colored cloth carries the pattern in its decorative trim and the enclosed washing bag. These towels are perfect for gift-giving, and they are compact and light for travel.
  1. Campbell Ramsey washcloths. Your powder room will “pop” with color and style with the popcorn texture of our Campbell Ramsey washcloths.Each six-pack of 100% cotton washcloths is ribbon-wrapped with a charming blue insert, making them a perfect housewarming or bridal shower gift. You’ll love the six-color assortment that includes two pairs of matching color tones and two bright white cloths.

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