How do I calculate my vacation rental supply needs?

Elevate your vacation rental business with Arkwright Home, the premier destination for all your vacation rental supplies. Our comprehensive guide highlights the effective use of a Linen PAR Calculator to manage your linen inventory efficiently, an essential aspect for any vacation rental firm or individual host.

When sourcing wholesale bedding and bulk towels, it’s crucial to align your purchases with the specific needs of your rental property. The type and quantity of bedding and towels you need depend on various factors, including the number and size of beds beds and the choice between two flat sheets or a flat and fitted sheet combination. Also, the number of bathrooms on your property and the standard of towels you provide for each guest play a significant role. Consider special items like makeup removal washcloths or additional linens for amenities such as pools, gyms, spas, or salons. Our Linen PAR Calculator is invaluable for strategically planning your guest linen inventory, ensuring you always have the right vacation rental supplies.

Understanding Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) is vital in the hospitality industry. It refers to the ideal stock level of guest towels and sheets necessary to meet daily requirements without experiencing shortages.

Determining the PAR level involves several factors:

  1. Guest Occupancy Rates: This affects the demand for fresh linens, influencing your bulk towels and wholesale bedding needs.
  2. Frequency of Linen Changes: Regular changes in occupied rooms necessitate a more extensive stock of bedding and towels.
  3. Laundry Turnaround Time: This impacts your PAR level, primarily if you use external laundry services.
  4. Loss and Damage Rates: Estimating how often linens are damaged helps maintain adequate stock.
  5. Seasonal Variations: Certain times of the year might increase the demand for specific types of linens.
  6. Budgetary Considerations: While aiming for a high PAR is ideal, budget constraints may require a more measured approach.
  7. Special Events or Services: Additional linens might be needed for events or special services like spas.
  8. Historical Usage Data: Analyzing past usage trends can provide insights into future vacation rental supplies needs.

Typically, hotels and vacation rentals maintain a linen PAR level of three to five times the quantity required for a complete change of all rooms. For instance, if a complete change requires 100 sets of linens, a stock of 300 to 500 sets is maintained, establishing a practical range for your wholesale bedding and bulk towels inventory. This approach ensures you’re always prepared, regardless of occupancy fluctuations or unexpected demands.

Use the PAR calculator below to source all your vacation rental supplies.


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