In the hospitality sector, mastering Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) is crucial for managing linen inventories effectively. PAR signifies the optimal quantity of guest towels and sheets necessary to fulfill daily needs while avoiding shortages.

Key elements influencing the PAR level include:

  • Guest Occupancy Rates: Higher occupancy translates to increased demand for fresh linens, impacting the quantity of bulk towels and bedding required.
  • Frequency of Linen Changes: Frequent linen replacements in occupied rooms call for a larger inventory of bedding and towels.
  • Laundry Turnaround Time: The efficiency of laundry services, especially outsourced ones, plays a significant role in determining the PAR level.
  • Loss and Damage Rates: Assessing the frequency of linen damage aids in maintaining sufficient stock.
  • Seasonal Variations: Demand for specific linen types may surge during particular seasons.
  • Budgetary Considerations: Although a high PAR is desirable, financial limitations might necessitate a more balanced approach.
  • Special Events or Services: Occasions like events or spa services may require additional linens.
  • Historical Usage Data: Evaluating past usage patterns helps forecast future needs for vacation rental supplies

Typically, hotels and vacation rentals aim to keep a linen PAR level ranging from three to five times the amount needed for a full change in all rooms. For example, if changing all rooms requires 100 sets of linens, maintaining a stock of 300 to 500 sets is advisable. This strategy ensures preparedness for any occupancy changes or unforeseen demands, balancing practicality and efficiency in managing your inventory of wholesale bedding and bulk towels.

Arkwright carries an assortment of wholesale towels, bath rugs, accent rugs, sheets, throws and comforter sets in both in-line and closeout merchandise that hold up to the modern family on the go. We supply linens to stores in our local tri-state area, nationwide chains, and internet retailers. We also export to seventy-five countries worldwide and have global sourcing capabilities.

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