Why You Should Buy Our Bleach-Safe Towels?

When you run a salon, you want to provide your clients with a luxurious experience. From the music you play to the products you select, and the art you hang on your walls, you consider every choice you make carefully while designing your space and your clients appreciate that. However, you can ruin that atmosphere in a moment with a stained towel.

It’s a common problem for salon owners. Beauty industry products such as hair dyes, lotions, color removing agents, and make-up take their toll on your towels. The cleaners you use in your salon to keep things safe and healthy for your clients also can discolor your towels.

Are you tired of seeing your towels come out of the wash with unsightly stains and blotches? Here are five reasons our bleach-safe towels are the right choice for your salon.

Whites stay clean and bright.

You may think that bleaching your white towels will keep your them pristine. But, while bleach can remove dye and makeup stains, it can also stain a beautiful white towel! White towels are just as susceptible to discoloration as colorful towels. If you like the clean look of white towels for your salon, you’ll appreciate our variety of bleach-safe white options.

Colors stay true.

In order to prevent bleach stains, some salon owners feel they have to avoid colorful towels. Many salon owners prefer warm earth tones or bright colors that reflect the energy of their establishment. For example, we guarantee our oversized hand towels are safe from color-loss from salon chemicals or bleach, and we offer rich choices of burgundy, charcoal, black, brown, hunter green, and eggplant.

Softness and absorbency continue wash after wash.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for durability when it comes to our bleach-safe towels. Our towels have professionally-hemmed edges, and we use careful grading measures to assure quality control and product durability.

Our towels stand up to hot water.

We know making sure salon towels are clean and germ-free is important. Our bleach-safe towels are colored with Indanthrene dye (often called IN dye), which means they can be washed at maximum temperature (212°F) without fading or loss of texture. In fact, they won’t fade even when tested with a cup of bleach!

Bleach-safe towels are cost-effective.

Sure, you can buy less expensive towels. But will you really save money when you have to replace them frequently due to fading and staining? Our beautiful bleach-safe towels are a wise long-term investment.

In addition to hair and beauty salons, our towels are the perfect choice for sports teams, gyms, spas, fitness studios, tanning salons, resorts, and the home. No one likes unsightly stains on their towels. Why not check out our selection of bleach-safe towels today?


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