Why Pay More for the Best Bulk Table Linens?

With fewer events on the schedule and more competition for new clients, everyone in the event industry is looking for ways to cut costs. You may be tempted to save money by purchasing lower quality table linens, for example. However, buying the best bulk table linens will pay off in long-term savings. Our line of tablecloths, napkins, and aprons offer exceptional quality that will add value to your events and your brand.

Here are four reasons why our table linens are the best choice for your events.

Colorfastness to light

Natural sunlight and indoor fluorescent lighting can cause your linens to fade and wear unevenly. In some cases, uneven fading can ruin the look of an otherwise carefully decorated room. Our linens have passed rigorous colorfastness testing.

The AATCCB test uses the Spectrophotometer to find a fabric’s degree of whiteness. The higher the index, the more optically white the material is on a nine-shade spectrum. Our linens tested .5 higher than Pinnacle or Milliken, demonstrating that they will not fade as much as our main competitors’’ products. You can be assured that our table linens will offer you durable, long-lasting color and quality for years to come.

Tensile strength

Whether our linens are on tables at a wedding reception or a corporate function, they get a workout. And just like your strength matters when you work out, our linens are strong and ready to deliver on the job.

We test all our fabrics’ tensile strength and weft direction. These terms refer to the maximum force a material can withstand before it breaks. Our napkins and tablecloths have a tensile strength warp of 249.8%, and a weft is 216.9%. These ratings reveal that our products are over 50 points more durable than the competition.

Commercial laundering stability

The commercial laundering process is tough on fabric, but our linens are more than up to the challenge. With our minor differentials of -1.4% warp and -0.7% weft, our cloths and napkins will retain their color, shape, and quality wash after wash. You can depend on it.

Affordable pricing

We know you need to get the most value for your dollar – now more than ever. That’s why we continue to offer the best quality table linens at competitive prices. When you purchase our bulk table linens, we know you will be pleased with the return on your investment.

Need more proof? Take a look at the chart below. Results from an independent testing lab show that our products perform as well or better than our competitors – and at a lower price!


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