Why Environmentally-friendly Towels are the Best Choice

According to the CGS 2019 U.S. Consumer Sustainability Survey, more than two-thirds of American consumers consider the environment when they purchase a product. What’s more, is that they are willing to pay a higher price for eco-friendly products. Gen Z shoppers lead the way with this trend, with 68 percent of that age group reporting they made at least one sustainable purchase in the past year.

Did you know you can make a difference in the environment with the kind of towels you buy and use? We do, and that’s why we offer environmentally-friendly towels.

Zero waste water pollution

Textile mills generate up to 20% of the earth’s industrial water pollution, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). These factories use 20,000 chemicals – many of them toxic — in their textile dyeing and treatment processes.

For example, nearly 90% of China’s local groundwater is polluted, with over 70 toxic chemicals connected directly to textile dyeing found in the water supply, according to the World Bank. Water treatment centers cannot remove many of these dangerous chemicals when they enter a local water system through the washing process.

What is the solution to this growing global problem? One of the answers is for textile makers to use new processes to embed dye within the fibers instead of just coating them. With these processes are in place, less waste gets into the water.

At Arkwright, we want to play our part by reducing our footprint on the planet. That is why our towels use zero water when they go through the dyeing process, so they do not contribute to the amount of contaminated waste in our oceans.

Another advantage is that your guests will not run the risk of rubbing potentially-harmful chemicals into their skin when they dry off with our towels.

Good for the environment and good for you

For our Clear Water Cabana towels, we use r-PET fibers derived from recycled PET bottle waste along with regenerated cellulose yarn to create soft yarn in beautiful color combinations.

These plush, oversized towels, which come in eight color combinations, offer amazing comfort and absorption levels. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your resort is not contributing to global industrial water pollution.

Bleach and benzoyl peroxide safe

Do you ever find annoying bleached-out spots on your towels? Those unsightly blemishes can come from a variety of sources. Tooth whitening products, acne medication, and household cleaning products are a few of the likely suspects.

In addition to helping the environment, the dyeing process we use on our towels resists bleach and benzoyl peroxide. How? The yarn absorbs color in a way that will not oxidize when in contact with these chemicals. The difference is readily apparent when you compare our towels with a competitor’s towels. Take a look at this video that demonstrates what we mean.

Guests love our towels

We are confident that your guests will enjoy using our towels so much that they’ll want to take them home. That’s why we package them for retail display in your resort shops.

Call us today to order our earth-friendly towels.


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