Why Cotton Sheets are King (and Queen) in the Bedroom

When it comes to sleeping in comfort, nothing beats the clean, soft feel of 100% cotton sheets. Let’s look at four reasons why cotton sheets are king (and queen) in the bedroom.

  1. As a natural fabric, cotton sheets offer breathability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also won’t feel damp or clammy when you climb into bed after a shower.
  2. Cotton sheets naturally wick away moisture. You’ll not only sleep more comfortably with cotton sheets, but the sheets stay cleaner longer as well.
  3. Cotton sheets are soft and comfortable. You’ll find that cotton sheets are less irritating than synthetic fibers, and that’s especially important if you have sensitive skin. While cotton sheets get even softer with age, synthetic sheets usually become stiffer.
  4. Cotton comes in many varieties. You’ll find an array of styles, weaves, and colors to suit your taste and budget.

Are there any drawbacks of cotton sheets? Cotton does tend to wrinkle, but you can minimize wrinkles with ironing or by hanging cotton sheets up to dry. Hang drying also helps avoid any shrinking.

Cotton sheets also may be more expensive than some synthetic brands. However, many people find the softness and comfort of cotton sheets well worth any added expense.

How to select the right cotton sheets for you

The type of cotton (such as Egyptian or Pima), weave (such as percale or sateen), and thread count are some of the factors you need to consider when shopping for new sheets.

Thread count is the term for the number of threads woven into one square inch of the sheet fabric.  In general terms, a sheet with a higher thread count is more durable and softer than a sheet with a lower thread count.

A 180 thread count is usually standard for a basic economical sheet, while a 300 thread count sheet offers a softer feel and is often preferred for good hotels and at home. However, bigger is not always better. After a thread count of 500 or so, you probably won’t be able to feel any difference.

At Arkwright Home, we feature First Ave sheets for beautiful beds. These great-looking 300-thread-count sheets and pillowcases come in eight color choices. We know one of them is perfect for your bedroom.

We also offer Lulworth Institutional Sheets. These durable 180 Thread Count sheets can hold up to repeated laundering while retaining softness and comfort. The 55/45 cotton-polyester blend provides the softness of cotton and the “easy care” of polyester in one sheet.


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