What is GSM for Towels and Why Does it Matter?

Have you seen the acronym GSM when you’re placing a towel order and wondered what it meant?

The standard measurement for the weight and quality of all fabrics is grams per square meter, which is abbreviated as GSM. When it comes to towels, the GSM number refers to its density of the towel.

In other words, the higher the GSM, the better the performance of the towel. A high GSM typically represents a thick, absorbent towel, while a low GSM usually means a thinner, lighter towel.

Towels can range from 300 GSM to 900 GSM. Here are some examples of different types of towels that illustrate the importance of knowing the GSM.

300-400 GSM. Towels in this range are lightweight and quick-drying. Customers like towels in this range for use at the pool or gym, in a hospital, or as a kitchen towel. Please see our Arctic collection.

400-600 GSM. These medium-weight towels are more absorbent than the previous category. They work well as bath towels, guest towels, and pool towels. See out Admiral or Pearl lines.

600-900 GSM. This range represents premium, luxury towels. They are heavier and more absorbent than towels with lower GSMs, and, as a result, they take the longest to dry. You’ll find them at luxury hotels and spas. See our Magellan towel.

What GSM is right for you?

Of course, GSM is not the only factor to consider. A towel’s softness and absorbency are determined in large part by its fabric as well. Is the towel made of 100 percent cotton, or is it a polyester blend? Is the cotton is a single or double loop?

Choosing the right towel is a matter of combining personal preference with the intended use.

How can you determine a towel’s GSM? If you know the towel’s size and weight, you can calculate the GSM using our table below.

We are proud to offer a variety of sizes to fit your location, budget, and personal preference. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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