Themed Kitchen Towels Add Colorful Fun for Home Bakers

Are you one of the many people who found comfort in home baking during the pandemic?

A recent online survey by Packaged Facts found 45% of consumers surveyed would call themselves “avid bakers.” And 84% of respondents reported that they baked at home with some frequency over the past year.

A combination of factors – having more time at home, a desire for homemade foods, and an interest in healthy trends (keto, grain-free, and paleo diets) – caused sales of baking-related products to grow by nearly 25% last year. And industry experts expect the home baking trend is here to stay.

Julie Ohana, a culinary art therapist, told CNBC that baking offers us a soothing way to cope with challenging times. “The process helps aid the baker, and the finished product helps comfort the person or people receiving the delicious outcome,” she explained.

When things seem to be whirling out of control in the outside world, baking also helps give us a satisfying feeling of control over something. Experts say baking is a mindful activity that can be calming to the nerves and the spirit.

If you’ve been honing your baking skills recently, you may be in need of some fun kitchen inspiration. Arkwright Home has got you covered with colorful themed towels that are perfect for home cooks. Let’s take a look at three stylish options.

  • The Sloppy Chef Herringbone Kitchen Towels. These premium cotton towels are just as at home in a rustic bistro as they are in a sleek commercial Kitchen. Does your home kitchen deserve anything less? Of course not!With a super-tough weave that soaks up spills, these classic branded 15” x 25” towels dry quickly and are incredibly soft to the touch. They are packaged by the dozen and wrapped with a belly band and J-hook for easy retail display or convenient gift-giving.
  • Impression RugsBaking involves standing on your feet while you knead and mix. Why not put some spring in your step with a new colorful rug with a comfort gel back? Arkwright Home’s Impression Rugs feature fun designs and classic patterns that will liven up any kitchen space.Their 18” x 30” size makes them perfect for in front of the sink, inside the back door, or under your dog’s food and water bowls. These rugs come with a decorative clamshell insert or hanger and card for convenient display opportunities.
  • Fancy Jumbo Kitchen Towels from The Sloppy Chef. Baking can get messy. Sometimes a home baker needs a towel that is bigger than the rest. We’ve got the answer! These jumbo kitchen Towels, which come in 16” x 26” and 18” x 28” sizes, are made with absorbent 100% cotton.Each case contains four to six different geometric patterns and bright colors. You’ll also appreciate the hangtag and a J-hook for easy display.

Arkwright carries an assortment of wholesale towels, bath rugs, accent rugs, sheets, throws and comforter sets in both in-line and closeout merchandise that hold up to the modern family on the go. We supply linens to stores in our local tri-state area, nationwide chains, and internet retailers. We also export to seventy-five countries worldwide and have global sourcing capabilities.

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