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Will you take our beach towel poll? We value your opinion! Each season we spend a lot of time developing new print designs for our customers who buy wholesale beach towels. Starting with ideas we collect year-round, we then develop them into the beautiful designs you buy for your stores. We rely on market research to determine which designs make the final cut for each collection. Take the poll to see the contenders and choose your picks for the new collection!

Scroll through the images below to see the awesome beach towels you helped us design last year!

Bold Fiber Reactive Printed Beach Towels

These super-fun designs are from last year’s overwhelmingly popular collection. We use a fiber reactive dyeing process which is colorfast and creates long-lasting colors in our bold, bright designs. These 100% cotton towels provide an ample surface area of 30″ x 60″ for beachgoers to wrap around themselves or sit upon like a blanket. Our attention to quality and detail is what makes our towels stand out from the crowd!

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