Stylish and Sanitary Towels that Complement Your Decor

Over the past year, we’ve all focused more than ever before on protecting ourselves and our homes from germs, dirt, and dust. One way to enhance your home and personal clean-up routine is by using microfiber cloths.

In this article, we’ll explain what microfiber is, its advantages, and the Arkwright Home family of microfiber products you can offer to your customers for every room of their homes.

What is Microfiber?

As the term itself indicates, microfiber is an ultra-thin synthetic fiber that can be knitted, spun, or woven in many textile products. Products made of microfiber are soft, lightweight, non-abrasive, and durable. Depending on their construction, they can be water-repellent or highly absorbent.

Just how thin is microfiber? The textile industry measures fibers in units called “deniers.” One denier equals the weight of one gram per 9,000 meters of fiber length. A “microfiber” measures one denier or less, which means it is about 1/20 the diameter of silk or 1/100 the diameter of a human hair.

First developed in the 1950s, microfiber is a blend of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, or polyamides. Some microfibers include cellulose filaments made from wood pulp. Due to their magnetic charge, the tightly woven microscopic fibers attract dirt and germs, making cleaning easy and effective.

Today, microfiber cloths are used in many different types of products, including anti-bacterial cleaning cloths, dusters, mops, upholstery, athletic wear, sheets, towels, table linens, and rugs. Now let’s look at the quality microfiber products Arkwright Home offers.

Decorative Microfiber Makeup Cloths. Our Decorative Makeup Removal Cloths come with five 16” x 7” microfiber facial cloths. Each set includes a matching travel bag and a gift box. You can choose from the following pastel patterns: houndstooth, feathers, circles, lips, skulls, or paisley. These soft, absorbent makeup remover cloths by Bck2U are perfect for gift-giving, and they are light and compact for convenient shipping.

Microfiber Makeup Removal Washcloth Dispenser BoxThis popular product by Bck2U contains 25 9” x 9” seamless microfiber washcloths. The box is attractive on its own, or it fits into a standard square decorative tissue holder. We package the boxes in pairs (50 cloths total), but you can retail them separately if you prefer. One eco-friendly pack of reusable microfiber cloths replaces about 1,500 paper tissues.

Microfiber Printed Kitchen Towels. Once you’ve used microfiber in the kitchen, you’ll wonder how you got along without them before. Our Sloppy Chef® towels are made of 100% polyester printed microfiber. They come in eight cheerful patterns, and you customers will like that they can match these towels with our dishcloths that are available in the same designs. We package them 48 packs to a case.

Antimicrobial Treated Kitchen Towels. Home cooks will appreciate the protection from germs these Sloppy Chef kitchen towels offer. This line of Sloppy Chef towels is treated with SILVADUR,™ a new technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microbes on the cloth surface. The 15” x 25” towels don’t compromise on looks either; they feature bright, attractive designs and are incredibly soft to the touch.

SmartRags. Wipe. Wash. Repeat! When you put boxes of these bright microfiber cloths on display, they are sure to capture customer attention. These compact microfiber cloths, available in green, red, yellow, and white, are the perfect choice for many cleaning chores around the home or workplace. There are 50 12” x 12” towels in each box, and we pack eight boxes into a case.

A significant advantage of microfiber is its durability. Most cloths should be hand- or machine-washed without the use of fabric softeners or bleach. Then, after air-drying, microfiber cloths are ready to go to work again and again.

With proper care, microfiber cloths can last for hundreds of uses without shrinking, pilling, or losing their cleaning power. Be sure to visit Arkwright Home today to stock up on these eco-friendly products.


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