Boutique-inspired, Cambridge Linen bath towels are constructed with 100% soft combed smart spun cotton bath, hand, and wash open stock and sets in six modern colors. Lucent White, Arctic Wolf, Ultimate Grey, Lava Smoke, Classic Blue, and Carinaria. Towel sets feature a satin ribbon and traditional white linen-textured card-stock.

Smart spun bath towels are the plushest towels available, perfect for skin types of all sensitivities, they decrease the sensation of terry rubbing against the skin.

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Cambridge Linen - Assorted, 3-piece setBSET-CL-3PC-ASST764950-83555-512
Cambridge Linen - Cream, bath towelBT-CL-2752-AW764950-83561-624
Cambridge Linen - Cream, hand towelHT-CL-1630-AW764950-83571-536
Cambridge Linen - Cream, washclothWT-CL-1313-AW764950-83581-448
Cambridge Linen - Blue, bath towelBT-CL-2752-BL764950-83564-724
Cambridge Linen - Blue, hand towelHT-CL-1630-BL764950-83574-636
Cambridge Linen - Blue, washclothWT-CL-1313-BL764950-83584-548
Cambridge Linen - Blush, bath towelBT-CL-2752-CN764950-83565-424
Cambridge Linen - Blush, hand towelHT-CL-1630-CN764950-83575-336
Cambridge Linen - Blush, washclothWT-CL-1313-CN764950-83585-248
Cambridge Linen - Dark Grey, hand towelHT-CL-1630-LS764950-83573-936
Cambridge Linen - Dark Grey, washclothWT-CL-1313-LS764950-83583-848
Cambridge Linen - Light Grey, bath towelBT-CL-2752-GY764950-83562-324
Cambridge Linen - Light Grey, bath towelBT-CL-2752-LS764950-83563-024
Cambridge Linen - Light Grey, hand towelHT-CL-1630-GY764950-83572-236
Cambridge Linen - Light Grey, washclothWT-CL-1313-GY764950-83582-148
Cambridge Linen - White, bath towelBT-CL-2752-WH764950-83560-924
Cambridge Linen - White, hand towelHT-CL-1630-WH764950-83570-836
Cambridge Linen - White, washclothWT-CL-1313-WH764950-83580-748