Honeycomb rugs are made with a blend of woven micro polyester and cotton. The loops within the rug are soft pillows of polyester create a terrific foot feel. The colors include white, sea salt, quiet grey, lavender fog, dark grey, and bridal rose.

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Honeycomb Rugs - AssortedHONEYCOMB-ASST12
Honeycomb Rugs - Bridal RoseHONEYCOMB-21X34-BR086553-11159-212
Honeycomb Rugs - Dark GreyHONEYCOMB-21X34-DG086553-11158-512
Honeycomb Rugs - Lavender FogHONEYCOMB-21X34-LF086553-11157-812
Honeycomb Rugs - Quiet GreyHONEYCOMB-21X34-QG086553-11156-112
Honeycomb Rugs - Sea SaltHONEYCOMB-21X34-SS086553-11155-412
Honeycomb Rugs - WhiteHONEYCOMB-21X34-WH086553-11154-712