Provence rugs are cotton reversible rugs featuring a whopping 300 GPSF. This heavyweight rug is remarkably soft and is as at home in country mansions as it is in high-rise condos. The colors include brilliant white, coral sands, primrose pink, steel grey, and zen blue.

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Provence Rugs - Assorted, 21x34PROVENCE-BORD-ASST086553-10882-05
Provence Rugs - Brilliant White, 21x34PROV-BD-21X34-BW086553-11245-210
Provence Rugs - Coral Sands, 21x34PROV-BD-21X34-CS086553-11246-910
Provence Rugs - Primrose Pink, 21x34PROV-BD-21X34-PP086553-11247-610
Provence Rugs - Steel Grey, 21x34PROV-BD-21X34-SG086553-11248-310
Provence Rugs - Zen Blue, 21x34PROV-BD-21X34-ZB086553-11249-010
Provence Rugs - Brilliant White, 27x45PROV-BD-27X45-BW086553-11255-16
Provence Rugs - Coral Sands, 27x45PROV-BD-27X45-CS086553-11256-86
Provence Rugs - Primrose Pink, 27x45PROV-BD-27X45-PP086553-11257-56
Provence Rugs - Steel Grey, 27x45PROV-BD-27X45-SG086553-11258-26
Provence Rugs - Zen Blue, 27x45PROV-BD-27X45-ZB086553-11259-96
Provence Rugs - Assorted, 27x45PROV-BORD-27X45-ASST086553-11261-25
Provence Rugs - Brilliant White, 24x60PROV-BD-24X60-BW086553-11263-66
Provence Rugs - Coral Sands, 24x60PROV-BD-24X60-CS086553-11264-36
Provence Rugs - Primrose Pink, 24x60PROV-BD-24X60-PP086553-11265-06
Provence Rugs - Steel Grey, 24x60PROV-BD-24X60-SG086553-11266-76
Provence Rugs - Zen Blue, 24x60PROV-BD-24X60-ZB086553-11267-46