Premium quality microfiber pet drying towels made with ultra-soft chenille material to provide ample drying coverage regardless of your cutomers’ pet breed. When not being used for drying, these towels make for an excellent pet blanket. Developed inder the new Perro & Gata pet line, sold with an attractive belly band in two sizes and colors.

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Perro & Gato Pet Drying Mitts - 14x24, AquaPM-14X24-AQ764950-83300-136
Perro & Gato Pet Drying Mitts - 20x40, AquaPM-20X40-AQ764950-83302-516
Perro & Gato Pet Drying Mitts - 14x24, GreyPM-14X24-GY764950-83301-836
Perro & Gato Pet Drying Mitts - 20x40, GreyPM-20X40-GY764950-83303-216