One More Chilly Outdoor Happy Hour

After pandemic closures forced them to spend more time at home than ever before, Americans are upgrading their living spaces with a frenzy. After focusing mainly on their homes’ interiors in 2020, Americans are now turning to their outdoor spaces. A new study by the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) found that 90 percent of Americans consider their outdoor living space is more valuable than ever before.

According to the January 2021 study, about 88% of Americans report dissatisfaction with their outdoor spaces. And even though 78% admitted that they did some outdoor upgrades last year, they are ready to do more. For example, the number of people who plan to buy new outdoor furniture and accessories jumped from 23% in 2020 to 58% this year.

Jackie Hirschhaut, a spokesperson for the ICFA, noted that the study shows that the pandemic has caused a shift in how Americans see their backyards and patios. Rather than just using them for a barbecue or a weekend afternoon retreat, we want to extend our everyday living spaces to include the outdoors.

And to that, we are preparing for the elements. For instance, the study showed that firepits (35%) top the list of planned purchases with lighting (34%) and umbrellas (25%) not far behind.

If you’re looking to help your customers add some warmth and texture to their patios, you may want to consider Arkwright’s Common Ground throws. These beautiful 50 x 70 throw blankets feature reclaimed cotton yarn that has been woven into timeless, rustic natural designs. Each case of 12 features color variations of a geometric design. You will choose by the pattern – block, chevron, or diamond – when you place your order.

Your customers want their outdoor spaces to be as comfortable and as cozy as their indoor spaces. These throws will keep them comfortable on chilly spring and summer evenings while offering classic style at the same time.

As the decorative line between the indoors and the outdoors continues to blur, you can be sure to keep your customers satisfied with the looks, durability, and performance of our Common Ground Throws. These blankets look as good tossed on an outdoor chair or sofa as they do on someone’s lap as they enjoy a nightcap and some conversation around the firepit.

The popularity of what architects are calling the “outdoor room” is not waning any time soon. One builder told Hearth and Home magazine that his clients often say they can compromise on indoor square footage but not on outdoor living space.

By the way, have you ever wondered what the difference is between a porch and a patio? The meanings of the two terms differ depending on where you live in the U.S. In some areas, porches are elevated structures that are attached to the house and have a floor, walls, and roof. Porches often serve as a protected area for the home’s doorways.

On the other hand, a patio is typically defined as a ground-level structure that features a paved floor material. However, in some regions, a patio’s distinction from a porch is not as clear.

What do they both have in common? They are both outdoor living spaces that can be appointed with furniture and accessories, like our Common Ground Throws. And they are both in high demand for today’s homeowners.


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