How to calculate your vacation rental linen needs

The rise of vacation rental operators

Many of our brick-and-mortar customers located in vacation destinations branch out into the hospitality industry. Travelers embraced Airbnb and VRBO post-pandemic. These vacation rental companies provided a more exclusive private experience beyond prominent tourist areas. Above all, travelers feel more connected with regional culture when not boxed into a hotel with hundreds of vacationers worldwide. 

Whether you’re new to the short-term vacation rental market, a savvy VRBO veteran, or an Airbnb ace, you must plan for guest linen consumption. Linens are consumable. They have a finite lifecycle. So, how many wholesale sheets, towels, and kitchen textiles do you need monthly to run your business professionally?

What is PAR?

Periodic Automatic Replacement (PAR) calculates the number of rental textiles you need to operate your rental property. Of course, every guest will receive fresh sheets and towels upon arrival. However, how often you plan to launder and subsequently how many spare sets you feel comfortable having on hand will determine your PAR level.  

  • PAR 2: You launder after every guest and have no backup set of sheets.
  • PAR 3: You launder after every guest but have a backup set just in case.
  • PAR 4: You have the option to launder after every other guest as you have two spare sets.

Other factors to consider include:

  • How many bedrooms does your vacation rental property have? Moreover, what size beds are in each room? 
  • What amenities does the property offer? Properties with a pool or hot tub will need towels designed to handle chlorinated water.
  • What dining options are available? If there’s a formal dining room, you may require proper napkins for entertaining.
  • What attractions are nearby? If there’s a beach, you will need larger towels for beach-goers.
  • Where is your VRBO located? If you’re in the city, you may need makeup-removal washcloths to save your white towels from being used after a night on the town!

Significantly, this calculator displays the linen needed for a fresh start. Please temper your purchasing if you have serviceable textiles already in use.


Arkwright carries an assortment of wholesale towels, bath rugs, accent rugs, sheets, throws and comforter sets in both in-line and closeout merchandise that hold up to the modern family on the go. We supply linens to stores in our local tri-state area, nationwide chains, and internet retailers. We also export to seventy-five countries worldwide and have global sourcing capabilities.

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