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What is Sateen?

Sateen sheets are a unique type of bed linen that may be made from various materials, including bamboo and polyester. However, Aston & Arden Sateen Sheets use premium long-staple cotton. The defining characteristic of sateen sheets is their intricate weave, consisting of one vertical thread woven for every four horizontal threads. This results in a fabric with a lustrous appearance and a satin-like feel. The finer yarn used in this upscale weaving process allows for higher thread counts and a silkier sleeping experience.

Why are Aston & Arden Sateen Sheets Superior?

The softness of sateen sheets is well-known, thanks to the type of weaving used, which produces an exceptionally silky and smooth product. Our T600 Sateen Sheets, which feature an embellished three-stripe barrata hem with three complementary color tones, have a luscious, velvety white appearance. With four color pallets and classic all-white embroidered stripes, there is a luxurious sheet set to complete any bedroom.

Are Sateen Sheets Better To Sleep in?

Sateen sheets are also ideal for sleeping, particularly our T600 Sateen sheets made from 100% cotton. They produce more sheen than plain weave (percale) sheets due to their heavier weight and finer yarn, creating a cozy environment that cold sleepers love. Sateen sheets are also wrinkle-resistant, ideal for sensitive skin, and warm and cozy. They are also machine wash safe.

Are Sateen Sheets Better Than Regular Cotton?

In general, sateen sheets are of higher quality than regular cotton sheets due to the complicated weave, which requires finer cotton, resulting in a more expensive production process. This elevated starting point leads to more luxurious sheets being made with a sateen weave. While sateen sheets have a silky, smooth surface and are more wrinkle-resistant, they may be prone to snagging. Regular cotton sheets, on the other hand, have a matte finish, are lighter in weight, and may wrinkle more easily. Ultimately, the choice between sateen sheets and regular cotton sheets depends on personal preference, and both types of sheets can be long-lasting with proper care.

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