Crafting and Gardening with Cheesecloth

Just like its name implies, cheesecloth’s original purpose was for making and wrapping cheese. However, there are so many other uses for this soft, gauzy fabric. Cheesecloth is a real workhorse in the home cleaning and dusting department, and it also comes in handy for many other projects. Here are three of our favorite uses for cheesecloth.

Gardening with Cheesecloth

You’ll love to use cheesecloth around the garden. For example, it works well as a garden bed covering for those frosty evenings of spring or fall. It’s lightweight protection, yet it allows water and air to filter through to your plants. Simply anchor it down with wooden pegs, sticks, or rocks. Another option is to use cheesecloth to create a row tunnel.

You can also use cheesecloth as a protective layer during a heatwave. It helps your plants retain moisture and blocks up to 85 percent of the sunlight on scorching afternoons.

Do you lose your berries to the neighborhood wildlife? You can also protect your berry bushes from birds and squirrels by loosely covering them with cheesecloth until you pick your harvest. Light and air can flow through, but pesky creatures cannot.

Furniture Finishing with Cheesecloth

Did you know you can use cheesecloth to make stencils for your wood furniture? You can turn a ho-hum piece of furniture into your own personal work of art with cheesecloth, scissors, furniture wax, and paint. Here’s a video that walks you steps for decorating cabinet doors, tabletops, wood beams, and other wood furniture.

Our Grade 10 Cheesecloth (also called an Open-Mesh Cheesecloth) has a 20X12 thread count and is 100% cotton. Our Grade 40 Cheesecloth has s a 20X24 thread count. In addition to these ideas, you’ll love it for dusting and cleaning and other decorating projects, including weddings and holiday parties.

Halloween Decorating with Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is the perfect choice If you like decorating your home and yard for the spooky season. You can pull and stretch our Grade 10 cheesecloth into all kinds of ghostly shapes and forms. You also can make holes to give it a spider-web appearance. Here are just a few ideas to get your imagination flowing.

  • Cobweb garland. Rip and cut long lengths of cheesecloth to use as Halloween garland for the fireplace mantle, tabletop, doorway, or windows.
  • Mummies. You can mummify pumpkins, mason jars, vases, and other objects by wrapping them with cheesecloth and adding sharpie eyes of stick-on googly eyes. Place a battery-operated candle inside the container before wrapping for a creepy effect.
  • Fake blood. If you like creating fake bloody scenes or costumes as part of your Halloween fun, try spraying cheesecloth sections with a red food coloring solution.
  • Aged rags. If you want to give a time-weathered look to your spooky decorations or costumes, spray black tea on some cheesecloth.

You’ll find lots more ideas on Pinterest, and here’s a video that shows you how to make a cheesecloth ghost decoration for Halloween fun.

We’d love to see photos or your cheesecloth projects. So please send them our way!


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