Paperless Billing Starts on December 15

Arkwright Home is switching to Paperless Billing on December 15th.

Arkwright Home has an ambitious growth plan. Adopting a paperless billing model will prepare Arkwright Home for the bright, busy future ahead. Switching to paperless billing will improve information logistics by creating digital packets containing all billing and shipping documents. The packets will be accessible from a cloud platform, enabling us to transfer information in minutes from any location on any device. This advancement will save Arkwright Home and our customers valuable time when collecting important information is critical.

What should customers do before we switch to paperless billing on December 15th? 

  1. Provide Arkwright Home with the correct email address for invoices and statements
  2. Whitelist the email address that our invoices will come from to bypass the junk mail folder
  3. Expect an email with complete directions on how to access the platform and find your profile

What does this mean for our customers? 

Paperless billing gives customers easy access to account information and flexibility to pay when they want, wherever they are, from any device, as long as they have access to the internet, saving valuable time by eliminating physical paperwork.

Customers can also expect to receive invoices the day their order ships.

Convenient billing reminders will notify customers via text message or email of new bills. When bills are paid, a confirmation will arrive in seconds. Again, this will save valuable time for you. If you’ve ever placed a dollar value on your time you will appreciate the value of the time you get back when billing is paperless.

What the new platform means for you, and Arkwright Home.

The new central platform for billing information will enable our staff members to easily locate billing information on their computers instead of flipping through file cabinets while customers wait for a return call. Our sales reps will have access to all information from their phones while away from their desktop computers. Customers will get answers immediately while on the phone with our staff members.

We will no longer spend time managing the loads of paper our office generates. We will be able to redirect the staff’s “found time” to productive work. We will no longer need banks of file cabinets all over the office! According to a report from CommercialEdge, the average rent for office space in the U.S. was $37.67 per square foot in September 2022. Eliminating 50 file cabinets can save 162.5 square feet of rental space which is worth about $6178 per month — a nice bonus! By eliminating file cabinets we will free up expensive square footage for productive workspaces that generate sales, thus furthering our growth plan.

By eliminating paper and paper-related office supplies like reams of paper, cases of envelopes, postage machines, postage labels, and the labor costs associated with those items we’ll not only save money, we will run a more sustainably conscious operation in the process.

Gain peace of mind knowing that Arkwright Home values sustainability. Our parent company, Monarch Brands, has been a part of the solution since the company’s founding. Their first sale was recycled rags in a recycled box. By minimizing paper waste and its by-products for a more sustainable office and future.


Arkwright carries an assortment of wholesale towels, bath rugs, accent rugs, sheets, throws and comforter sets in both in-line and closeout merchandise that hold up to the modern family on the go. We supply linens to stores in our local tri-state area, nationwide chains, and internet retailers. We also export to seventy-five countries worldwide and have global sourcing capabilities.

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