Add Easy Pops of Color to Your Household

Soft and soothing neutral colors may be the style for the walls and furniture in your home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up with colorful accessories.

With colorful household décor accents, you can experiment with different styles and colors to reflect the seasons or your evolving tastes without the time and expense of new paint or a new sofa. Here are some of our ideas to add pops of color in fresh and unexpected ways.

Bold navy, grey, and burgundy

When your walls and furniture are in neutral shades, you can easily add a touch of pizzazz by tossing one of our soft mink Sherpa throws over the back of a chair or across the end of a bed. These oversized 60 by 80 throws add instant warmth and comfort without breaking the bank. All three color choices indicate confidence, with a hint of boldness and individuality thrown in for good measure.

Green and blue

As a color associated with plants and trees, green promotes feelings of health and vitality. When mixed with blue, the color of the ocean and the sky, you have a can’t be beat natural vibe.

One way to incorporate these colors into a room is by adding blue pots of green plants or flower-filled vases in blue-green shades. Or check out the grass green color of our Family Essentials coral fleece blanket. You’ll love the look and the softness.

Purple and pink

When you’re ready for a change of pace, switch out your blues and greens for the majesty of purple or a playful, romantic shade of pink. You’ll find both in our collection of Pineapple Trading Company throws. And their soft texture of coral fleece is out of this world.

Buffalo Plaids

The traditional Buffalo plaid color patterns of black and white and red and white offer a rustic feel to any room. Just imagine cozying up in one of our Buffalo plaid throws by a fireplace for instant comfort. Place one on a sofa or a guest room bed during the holidays, add a few poinsettias, and you’ve got some instant holiday magic.

Lively floor designs

An area rug is another way to strategically add color to your home, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll see what we mean when you brighten up your space with one of our easy-care rugs. We offer a striking red design and a blue-green circular pattern – one is just right for that pop of color on your deck, mudroom, sunporch, or basement floor. These waterproof rugs are not only decorative; they stand up to whatever you can dish out in these high-traffic areas of your home.

Natural fibers with a color punch

You’ll appreciate the rustic look of our Bell South accent rugs. They are crafted on a handloom with natural fibers and feature a gel backing for your comfort when standing. You can choose from bright colors or soft natural hues depending on the look you want for your room.


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